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Marcelo Francisco Pompelli is a retired associate professor II at the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE). Graduated in Biological Sciences, Medical Sciences modality (Unochapecó – 1997), Master’s in Agricultural Biotechnology (UFSC – 2002), Ph.D. in Plant Physiology (UFV – 2008). He did Post-Doctorate in Plant Biochemistry (UFAL-2008) and in Plant Physiology (UFV-2019). He has over 20 years of experience in High School, Higher and Graduate. He has supervised several Scientific Initiation students, extension scholarship students, master’s and doctoral students and participated as a Post-Doctoral Supervisor. He has more than 50 scientific publications, such as internationally renowned scientific articles, books and book chapters. He works as a reviewer for more than 50 international journals and is a member of the Editorial Committee of Temas Agrários Journal, AMS Environmental Science, and Vegetos – Springer. Currently acts as Guest Editor at Frontiers in Plant Science, coordinating the theme of Seed Germination and Dormancy under Stress and as Editor-in-Chief of Advances and Applications in Biological Sciences.

Currently part of the Invepar research group at the Department of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Córdoba, Montería, Córdoba, Colombia.

He works as a researcher in the following lines of research:

  • Physiology of salt and water stress
  • Annual Vegetable Crops
  • Woody Plants Physiology 
  • Seed Germination and Dormancy Breaking
  • Arid, semi-arid and humid ecosystems such as Atlantic Forest and Caatinga

He was awarded in 2014 by the Fundação do Amparo a Ciência e Tecnologia (FACEPE) as the Best Work within the Biological Sciences theme, under the guidance of his student Ricardo Ferreira, and in 2016 he was awarded the highly cited Researchers award. 1% most cited Works awarded by Thomson Reuters Belgium.

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